Monday, October 20, 2014

In the Pink

It's "Breast Cancer Awareness" Month and we are once again treated to the spectacle of NFL players wearing pink, a further feminization of what was once a great game.  But let's be honest, who hasn't heard of breast cancer?  Who wouldn't want to see it cured?  How much more awareness raising is necessary?  The real point of the month isn't awareness but fundraising for the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Is that a worthy cause?  You decide, gentle blog reader.  According to Charity Navigator, who gives them 3 out of 4 stars:  Susan G. Komen raises a quarter billion dollars a year.  Only 82% of that is spent of programming; 10% goes into more fundraising.  The CEO's annual salary is over $500,000 and the president's over $600,000.  Each year they make huge contributions to Planned Parenthood, our nation's biggest provider of abortions.  Like the United Way, Susan G. Komen, has found a way to divert charitable contributions away from local concerns, and then use those funds to support their agenda, with all the blessing and peer pressure the NFL and other institutions can provide.  Yet, speaking against "Pink" is like speaking against motherhood (Row v. Wade not withstanding)  or the American Way (sharia law not withstanding). 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Doctors and Lawyers

If you are sick who do you call, a doctor or a lawyer?
If need legal defense who do you call, a doctor or a lawyer?
So why does one appoint a lawyer, not a doctor, "Ebola Czar?"

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Houston, You Have a Problem

Pastors in Houston, Texas, received a subpoena saying they must turn over their sermons related to homosexuality to the city government or be guilty of contempt of court.  This was originally supported by Mayor Annise Parker, a self-proclaimed lesbian, who called the sermons "fair game."   The city passed a "equal rights" bill that seriously restricted Christians speech and activities. When a group of Christians collected signatures to get a vote on the bill on the ballot, the city disallowed the petition and "pro-bono" attorneys got the subpoenas.  Spin that however you like, it's intimidation pure and simple, and a gross violation of the First Amendment.  Today Ms. Parker backpedaled on the sermon subpoena.  Personally I'm joining pastors all over the country who will be sending their sermons to the mayor.  She really needs to hear the gospel, repent, turn from her sin, and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.