Friday, August 29, 2014

CNN Headline News

Read a great article by Ben Stein yesterday about why he no longer watches CNN (it has turned seriously to the left).  I feel the same way.  The bias in so many news outlets has become especially apparent in the wake of the Ferguson, MO, situation.  But where to go now for news?  The TV is not my primary source of information (I usually just put it on in the background while I work on the computer), the internet is, but it too has news almost exclusively skewed to one poll or another.  I gave up the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in favor of the Tribune Review.  Now I'm leaving Robin Meade for Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (Morning Joe) or Fox and Friends.  (I did like this morning's piece on "The Audacity of Taupe.") BTW, I hear that Diane Sawyer (AKA "Blonde Ambition") is leaving her nightly newscast.  When did the news readers become the news?  I blame Murphy Brown. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Burger King, Eh?

Woke up to reports of a Burger King boycott.  Seems BK has merged with Canadian fast food giant Tim Horton's to form the 3rd largest fast food chain in the world.  This also means Burger King will be paying less US taxes.  Several US senators have called for the boycott.  I can understand anyone wanting to pay less taxes, but I cannot support taking money and jobs out of our floundering US economy.  Maybe it's our tax policy that needs to be fixed.  Personally, I've been boycotting BK anyway.  Several months ago they rolled out a Gay Pride Whopper for Gay Pride Week in San Francisco.  It had a rainbow wrapper and said "We're all the same on the inside."  I don't want my hamburger telling me what my religious/political/social beliefs should be.  When I emailed BK my complaint, I got a carefully worded response saying that the Pride Whopper was only available in certain locations for certain LGBT events.  I took that to say, "Don't worry about it.  We're just pandering to a certain demographic.  We really don't have any morals or values.  We just try to maximize profits by making our product look appealing to poor saps who will buy anything that seems to support their agenda."  Wendy's burgers are better anyway. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Neighborhood Watch

Attended my first meeting of the Neighborhood Watch Program.  I had expected it to be citizens patrolling the neighborhood, reporting suspicious activities to the police.  I would have volunteered for that.  There was nothing like that going on at all, but that's okay.  Thirty to thirty-five people attended the meeting.  I was among the youngest.  The majority seemed to be from the College Hill area.  The first part of the meeting did consist of citizens reporting issues to the police: abandoned vehicles, unruly dogs, suspected drug activity.  Then the police chief and another officer reported on recent police activities.  They stressed that everyone should call the police whenever they suspect a problem.  The Chief also took questions from the audience.  The District Attorney  made a report and distributed emergency cards to be placed in homes and vehicles. An ADA made a very interesting presentation on prosecuting sex crimes, especially the difficulty of those involving minors.  I'm told other presentations have included topics such as how to protect yourself from identity theft, home security, etc.  I met a lot of people, some who knew me from my work with the Pre-school.  I was very much impressed by the Police Chief and ADA.  I'm not sure I'll  go every month, but I thought tonight was worthwhile and next month is a tour of the jail.  I'll be there for that.