Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Austin 3:16 (or is it 666)

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin, erstwhile professional wrestler, has come out in favor of gay marriage.  His profanity laced comments are gracing the internet but cannot be printed here.  Basically Mr. Austin doesn't believe God would let a murder repent and enter Heaven while condemning "two cats: that want to get married."  Nor does he think anyone has talked to God and God said "same-sex marriage is a no-can-do."  Sadly, "Stone Cold" is about the spiritually deepest, and most honest and eloquent of all the pro-same sex marriage theologians (whose theology is about as profound and genuine as pro wrestling) .  And like those erstwhile theologians, Steve has not read the Bible either (his 3:16 nickname was ironic/blasphemous).  Murderers, such as David and Paul, were saved and the Bible is quite explicit (the good explicit, not explicit in Austin's way) about not condoning homosexuality (see Leviticus, Romans, etc.).  Someone really should read the Bible to Stone Cold.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Bloviating

It is this kind of Earth Day bloviating, under the guise of the gospel, that makes me suspicious of "Christian" environmentalists (from an Ohio newspaper):

"The Rev. Lisa Dahill, associate professor of worship and Christian spirituality, at Trinity Lutheran Seminary (ELCA), summed up her religiously based opposition more bluntly. 'We in our fossil-fuel based economy are the un-creators of God's original creation, which is a shocking and horrifying reality we face. We are quite clearly enacting on a global scale what Judas did in the New Testament, namely sacrificing the life of the world for 30 pieces of silver, for a very short term economic gain.'"

Somehow I just can't see an elderly person heating their home this winter with gas or coal as tantamount to Judas betraying Christ.  I would also disagree that the biosphere is basically the same as Jesus, but on a larger (global) scale.  One wonders how Dahill drives to her office, heats her home, uses her computer, etc. without re-crucifying Christ?  Has she ever considered becoming Amish?

Recycling pre-historic waste (fossil fuels) to warm homes and cook food for God's people actually sounds like a pretty environmentally sound idea and a great spiritual use of God's gift of creation (which includes coal and natural gas -- if God made it and put it there for our use, it must be good in His eyes!). 

Earth Day Prayer

 Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, You tell us to fill the earth and subdue it; You tell us to rule over all the fish, birds, and other living creatures you have created (Gen 1); You have given us animals for clothing (Gen. 3:21) and for food (Gen. 10:9 and Acts 10:13); Your Holy Word tells us that the form of this world is passing away (1 Cor.7:13); One day you will destroy the world by fire (2 Peter 3:10) and create a new earth (Rev 21:1). Teach us, Lord, not to be preoccupied and consumed by the cares of this temporary world, but rather to focus on that which is eternal. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer. Amen.