Sunday, July 20, 2014

Some Immigration thoughts

Recalling some discussion I had about immigration in years past:

Some one said to me that all Americans are immigrants (or the children of immigrants), and that Americans are all hypocrites and evil because they oppose more immigration.  If what that person said is true then the nicest thing we could for people wanting to come to our country is turn them away so that they and their children won't become the evil hypocrites we supposedly are.  What makes one think a newcomer to the US isn't going to be corrupted by our decadence?  I'll  tell you why one thinks that: a lack of appreciation for the power of Original Sin.

There are poor, suffering, persecuted people all over the world.  Why should we give special preference in assisting those who just happen to live close enough to our borders to cross them illegally?  Shouldn't we be transporting the poor huddled masses from all over the globe to our shores to be fair and inclusive?  If alleviating human suffering is our goal, then those are reasonable strategies.  That no one in favor of more immigration is proposing that leads me to believe that they have another agenda, such as political posturing. 

If we raised taxes 10, or 20 or 30% and directed all that money to assisting immigrants, would it make a difference?  First of all, it's a stretch to assume all that money would go to the immigrants themselves and not get lost in government "overhead."  Second, you could tax the American populace into poverty and not raise the many people in poverty into the middle class.  You would just have more poor people to care for.

As I said in a sermon recently, I was talking to a "no borders" advocate.  I asked him if he locked his doors at night.  He said he did. I asked him why?    To keep out thieves and such, he replied.  Doesn't our country have the same right to keep thieves out of our country.  He said it was different but could not adequately explain why.

Has anyone ever given so much to immigration that they themselves have fallen below the poverty line?  I know not one.  Yet many politicians are ready to spend billions of our tax dollars to put a Band-Aid on the problem.  It so easy to spend other people's money.

Yes, my great-great-grandparents were immigrants.  They obeyed the law and came to this country legally.  They became part of the workforce in a growing economy and survived here without government assistance.  That's rugged American individualism.


John Flanagan said...

I agree with you. We have laws, rules of entry, and sovereignty, but there are lots of open borders types who promote unrestricted borders, and the unintended consequences will destroy America as we once knew it.

Kathy Suarez said...

I totally agree with you. I have lived in Miami since 1978 and my husband's family is Cuban. They escaped Castro's Cuba in 1960. I remember the Mariel Boatlift. If we open the borders, I assure you, half of Haiti will be in Miami in a month -- also most of El Salvador and the few Hondurans who are not here already! Is this America?